Project Donkey
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  • Abstract
  • About Us
  • Our Mission
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  • Key Features:

► 100% Decentralized Massive Airdrop

►NFTS — Your Unique Piece of the DonkVerse

► DTP Assistants

► Community Centric

► Token Count

► Dokenomics

► Why $Donkey?

► Road-Map​

  • Donk Pretext Transformers


We’re not just another meme coin; we’re an Al-infused meme coin. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, $DONK brings a dynamic and evolving meme experience to the crypto world. Get ready for an innovative blend of humor and intelligence.


Welcome to the universe of DON mother-f*k*g KEY!, a place where y’all need to be! The trailblazing Al-infused meme coin thriving on the Binance Smart Chain. We’re not just a cryptocurrency; we’re a movement. Built on BSC for efficient transactions, low fees, and security, $DONK fuses cutting-edge Al with the infectious spirit of memes. Join our revolution; DONKEY is the people’s coin, built to conquer the crypto space, one cigar at a time and pissing on all meme coins every time.


Listen up, fam! $DONK is on a mission — a mission for 100% decentralization, a community coin for those sweet financial gains. Grab the reins, claim your turf, and roll with the movement that sets the bar higher than my ears.


100% Decentralized

Donkey is proudly 100% decentralized. We believe in empowering our community, ensuring that every holder has an equal say in the evolution of our coin. No central authority, no middlemen — just a truly community-centric approach.

Massive Airdrop

Your Gateway to Generosity To celebrate the strength of our community, we’re introducing a massive airdrop program. Holders are not just participants; they’re co-creators of Donkey’s success.
Here’s how it works:
Airdrop Ratio (5:1) Holders will be generously rewarded with a 5:1 ratio airdrop. For every five $DONK you hold, you’ll receive one additional token during the airdrop distribution.
Whitelisting for Airdrop:
To be eligible for the airdrop, investors must hold their $DONK until December 31. This extended commitment ensures that those who believe in the long-term success of $DONK and are rightfully rewarded.

Token Count



Why Donkey?

Donkey stands out as a beacon of innovation and community strength in the crypto space. We’re not just better; we’re a step ahead, offering a 100% decentralized, NFT-powered, Al-infused, and community-centric coin. Join us on this exciting journey, and let’s redefine the future of crypto together!


Step 1 Pull your pants down
Step 2 Aim for the target
Step 3 Take a wicked piss all together
Step 4 Wait for the river of piss to drown the doggos and the froggos

Step 5 Enjoy the triumph on the crypto summit


Introducing DONKEY Pretext Transformer (DPT), the avant-garde feature at the heart of DONK’s innovation. DPT isn’t just tech; it’s a custom-trained marvel, a Pretext Transformer with a mission to channel the charisma, wit, and brilliance of our iconic DONKEY characters. Picture DPT as the magic wand that fuses your conversations with the unmistakable personality that defines DONK. It’s not just about words; it’s about infusing every interaction with the humor, intelligence, and flair that makes DONK stand out. With DPT, you’re not just communicating; you’re channeling the essence of DONKEY characters effortlessly. Whether you’re sharing insights, sparking laughter, or simply vibing with the community, DPT ensures that every message resonates with the spirited personality of DONK. Get ready to experience the magic of DONKEY Pretext Transformer, where your words become an extension of the DONK spirit. It’s not just a feature; it’s a revolution in community engagement, bringing the DONKEY characters to life in every conversation. Welcome to a new era of connection — powered by DPT, fueled by $DONK attitude! COMING SOON!


Donk is a community driven project, all financial gains and losses are your own responsibility. Do your due diligence before investing in any digital assets related to this project.



Project Donkey

Donkey is a 100% decentralized token with a purpose! Built upon a meme friendly ecosystem.